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We suggest you read our FAQ'S below before requesting a quote. 

Live Streaming/Broadcasting FAQ’s.



Q. This is all new to us and we are going to need help, can you guide us through?

A. Yes. Many of our new clients have never professionally live streamed before. We guide them through the process and can provide as much hand holding as is required. Just let us know your skill level when enquiring. 


Q. Is live streaming expensive?

A. Live streaming your conference/event is a lot less expensive than it was 5 years ago and is a lot more affordable than most people think. It can even be delivered with just one camera.


Q. How can we use live broadcasting to help promote our company?

A. There are many ways that live streaming an event has delivered benefits to companies.

• It will help you engage those that have come to the event in the past but, could not come this time.

• You will reach a new audience of people who have never come to your event. These people will may well then become future physical attendees.

• You can reach an international audience that cannot come to your event due to expense or who are just not familiar with your       company.

• You can provide the ability for your exhibitors to host your stream and deliver greater value to them allowing them to share your content with their employees, customers or prospects.


Q. Will a live broadcast reduce the physical attendees to my event?

A. Not in our experience. Quite the opposite actually happens. Clients have reported that they have seen an increase in physical attendance after implementing live streaming of their event. We can’t make any promises of this though… By adding an online presence with a live stream, you are offering a more robust experience that allows the at home/office viewers to also take part in your event.

Q. What live stream platform should we use?

A. Read our article on this here


Q. Do virtual viewers then turn into physical attendees?

A. They can, and do! Leveraging your event as a networking opportunity as well as an educational one is in our opinion, a huge factor in virtual to physical attendance conversion. Statistics show that 30% of virtual attendees have converted to physical attendees the following year. In addition, live streaming can be a huge attendee retention opportunity, as individuals that are usually physical attendees can become virtual attendees and still feel like they are part of the event.


Q. Can we broadcast whatever we like on free platforms like Facebook and YouTube?

A. No. Facebook, YouTube and other free platforms have software that runs in the background that will block or instantly remove your broadcast if you play some published music and video. There is no way of us predicting this process but staying clear of anything published will mean you are safe. 


Q. Can we broadcast whatever we like on other platforms that you provide?

A. Yes. We can provide platforms with no restrictions that will generate a live video player that you can add to your website or a web link that you can share. This may be a charged for service though. 

Q. How can we broadcast to free social platforms like Facebook and YouTube without copyright issues? 

A. Simply by making sure that all the music is original to the performer and not published and you do not stream any movies or previously uploaded content. 



Q. Can we incorporate previously shot videos and PowerPoint?

A. Yes. We offer full production with graphics, videos, titles and PowerPoint. You can provide this to us in advance or we can also create this for you for an extra charge. 


Q. What do you show in between talks/sessions?

A. There are a few options that have been successful in filling the gap in between sessions. One would be selling space to exhibitors or sponsors to run promotional videos during that time. We can provide a presenter to interview attendees or speakers. This has been extremely well received by the virtual audience, as it provides them a whole new level of content not provided to the on-site attendees. solo16 works with a range of experienced presenters.


Q. Can we have a sponsor for the broadcast?

A. Yes. StreamWorks can add the sponsor’s logos directly on the screen by way of a watermark or small image. We can also run a promotional video at the beginning of the stream or in between sessions.

Q. Can we have a private broadcast that only our followers can see?

A. Yes. We can deliver this on your own website or we can build a simple website for your event(s) with individual member sign up and login. 


Q. Can our virtual attendees ask questions live?

A. Yes, the virtual audience can ask a question through the player or via a dedicated feed. The questions can then be delivered to one of your team on site to moderate or read directly by the speaker.


Q. Are all the broadcasts also recorded?

A. Most CDN’s like YouTube will create an almost instant on-demand version of the broadcast for people to view. Sessions that get live streamed can also be recorded and can be available for on-demand viewing or editing after the event.



Q. Do we have to provide the broadband if you live stream with for us?

A. No but it’s cheaper if you can. We have our own broadband provided by our bonded cellular encoders and we also use satellite vans but you will pay for the data used so if you can provide some it will keep the costs down. Read more about bonding here


Q. Do I pay per online viewer?

A. Not normally. UK Live Streaming normally uses a CDN like YouTube or Vimeo to stream to which is free to use.


Q. Are the broadcasts viewable on a mobile device?

A. Yes. Virtual attendees can access the live stream on their mobile devices. In some cases, only the video will be delivered to the phone to maintain the quality of the experience for the user.


Q. Is there a limit to the amount of people who can view the broadcast?

A. No. A lot of other companies will charge you per viewing hour but we don't believe in that. 


Q. How many of your crew will attend our event and do you provide everyone?

A. It depends on how large the event is. There would normally be at least two staff per event, a Camera Operator and a Production Technician but a livestream can be delivered with just one Camera Operator. 


Q. What to do if I cannot get the live broadcast to play?

A. Sometimes a live stream may temporarily stop playing. This could be down to network traffic or other connectivity issues. In such cases it is worth waiting a few minutes and then retry playing the live stream again by pressing the play button. If the live stream will still not play then try refreshing the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

 If you're interested in this service and are ready to get a quote please complete for form above or contact us. 

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